The website is up and running! I will tweak and improve as time goes by. I want to talk about an event where I was speaking at. One of the questions was where do I see the Blessing Box movement in a few years? At the time I didn’t really have an answer. Things had progressed beyond expectations and I was still getting use to that. But now that I have time to think about it I do have a vision.

I want to see the Blessing Box Movement grow to a point of covering most of Colorado. Yes, instead of Pueblo County Blessing Boxes it would be Colorado Blessing Boxes. I see regional areas led by their own group of like minded individuals operating their own group of Blessing Boxes. I would like to see them fall under our umbrella so they enjoy the benefits of food donations from organizations like the Rocky Mountain Food Bank.

Finally, I would like to see our movement to be self sustaining and operations efficiently ran so I can hand over this wonderful movement to younger like minded individuals and take it beyond what I am able to do. The program living beyond my years and continue to inspire all generations that we all can make a difference.