Pueblo County Blessing Boxes

Take what you need. Give what you can.


November 26, 2023

We have been quite busy lately. We created a Facebook page, Blessings For Hats, and recruited Volunteers to knit, crochet or quilt warm weather gear such as hats, scarfs, blankets and other needed items for our Blessing Bags and other Organizations. So far we have collected hundreds of hats made by our Volunteers.

We then had our annual “Turkey Roundup” collecting and donating Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners. Unfortunately our supplier from Denver retired and we were unable to purchase turkeys at a reasonable price so we asked our community to help us. As usual they came through and we were able to provide 25 Thanksgiving Meals to struggling families.

Next we are focusing on Christmas Dinners. Last year we learned there were many groups and Organizations providing Thanksgiving meals but none to zero providing Christmas Dinners. So this year we may be the only Organization providing Christmas Meals in Pueblo County. Saying that we are asking for donations of Hams, Turkeys and all the sides and desserts that go with them. Starting December 2nd we will start collecting for our annual Christmas Dinners to donate to struggling families. All donations can be dropped off or shipped to 573 S Rogers Dr, Pueblo West, Colorado, 81007. Let’s feed some people!

September 15, 2023

We had our “Fill My Truck” Food Drive a couple of weeks ago and surpassed our goal of 1000 lbs thanks to our wonderful Donors and Volunteers. Over 1200 lbs of food was collected and currently being shared with 28 Blessing Boxes in the Pueblo County area.

This week we are doing a Pet Food Drive in honor of one our Volunteers, Patrick who had to put their dog Mister down. Please consider donating. Many Homeless have pets for support and this will help them along with those families struggling.

29 July, 2023

Found this letter taped to the inside of my Blessing Box door last night. This is what it’s all about. This letter tells the story of one person’s struggle. There are so many struggling out there and sometimes it becomes a life and death situation. Please consider helping us feed those in need. You can drop it off or have delivered to 573 S Rogers Dr, Pueblo West, Colorado, 81007

It’s difficult to read so I typed it out below.

To the person or persons that have the heart to make this Food Box possible. I truly thank you. My disability and $70 Dollars in food stamps just don’t work to help me eat. I’m 58 years old and I was given to foster care when I was 4 years old and no one ever adopted me. So with my foster parents gone and no family or friends, I’m all by myself.

And I have no one person to help in my times of need.

But this food Box has been a God Sent Blessing. I honestly would have died by now had the person or persons that make this food Box possible.

I thank you for giving me life with the help of a meal for my Belly.

Mike B.

God Bless you for your kindness.

We have added another option to donate to PCBB. We now have cashapp as another option to donate. Please use our QR Code to just below to access and donate. As always we thank all our donors, big and small donations are all welcomed. It takes a village.

July 14th, 2023

I have noticed lately more mini vans loaded with families visiting my Blessing Box. Most of the time it is the children who jump out to find goodies they normally can’t afford to purchase such as snack bars, chips, fruit cups, cookies, juice boxes. It warms my heart to see them out there finding something and holding it up in the air celebrating their find.

It’s an every day chore to seek out donations. I do once a week videos begging for donations of non perishable foods and hygienic items. There are a hand full of donors who continuously and generously support our cause. PJ, Gloria, Abe are our big three who donates on a weekly basis. There are many anonymous donors and local drop offs that also help us to provide food to our community.

Unfortunately it’s not enough. I am reaching out to those who have big hearts and seeking out a organization to support. Someone wishing to see where their donations go. We are always sharing photos and videos of PCBB in action.

Our goal is to stock 20 of the 28 Blessing Boxes twice a week. Currently, the level of donations arriving only allow us to stock those Blessing Boxes once a week. So I’m reaching out to our community who have the ability to support us. Small businesses. Large businesses. Other organizations and groups. Families. Neighbors. People. We are here working to feed your neighbors and friends. Working to better our community by supporting those who are struggling. If we can satisfy the hungry in our community they can then focus on recovery and become a productive and happy member of the community. If they are better for it then our community is better for it.

Please consider donating to PCBB by dropping off or shipping to 573 S Rogers Dr, Pueblo West, Colorado 81007. If your local I am willing to come and get it. Check out our Facebook site and you can message us to pick up your donations or you can email us at PuebloCountyBlessingBoxes@gmail.com

June 4th, 2023

I want to reach out to those who visit our Blessing Boxes. The homeless. The hungry. Our neighbors and friends. All those who struggle each day to feed their families. You are loved. You are important. So many are hard at work trying to fight food insecurity. So many worthy Organizations are available to those in need. (See Pueblo County Resource Guide, Click here.)

I witness the kindness our Volunteers provide to those in need by their dedication to PCBB’s Mission. I witness the kindness from so many Donors everyday who drop off donations and those Amazon Angels that have donations shipped to us. What a feeling it is when a donor pulls up and shares not only their generous donations but words of encouragement and thanks for doing what we do. What a feeling it is to see the Amazon Driver stop in front to drop off donations. What a feeling it is when a Walmart order shows up out of the blue with so badly needed items.

According to statistics 1.2 lbs of food serves one person one meal. If we could maintain our number of Volunteers and donations we can supply two tons of food a month. That’s almost 4000 meals to 4000 struggling individuals. To maintain this we need to find more resources of donors. Whether it’s Business Owners or Individuals we need help. Whether you can afford one item or many items to donate we ask that our community and yes anyone we can reach to consider PCBB for donations of nonperishable foods and/or hygienic items. Click here to visit our wish list. Click here to donate to our PayPal account.

Finally, we appreciate where we started from to where we are today. PCBB has grown to be a respected and recognized Organization throughout the County. It couldn’t happen without the dedication of our Volunteers, our Donors and of course the word of mouth. We will continue to do our best to feed those in need. We give hope. We give love. We give so those who struggle can hopefully focus on recovery instead of hunger. Adding a productive and happy member to society one kind act at a time.

April 12th, 2023

Over time we have struggled to grow our resources in order to stock over 20 Blessing Boxes in our community. One important resource/donor was located in Denver and we would subsidize our shortages from this generous resource. Unfortunately many resources are now struggling due to loss of Pandemic Fundings, lack of donations, cuts in SNAP assistance and the growing need for food assistance due to inflation and many other reasons.

We will no longer access Denver and take what little they have as they struggle to feed the many in that community. So we are calling out our community. We are making an “all call” request for assistance from our community and whoever else wishes to make a difference. On a good month we are able to donate two tons of food to our Blessing Boxes. That’s stocking those Blessing Boxes twice a week. To maintain that pace that means we need at least two tons of food donated to our cause. per month.

Can you help? Will you help? You can visit our Wishlist to see what our needs are here:


If you wish to donate to our PayPal account you can do so here:


We are 100% dependent on our community’s support and I have faith they will come through for us and those struggling. Thank you to those who have given. Thank you to those who will give. It takes a village.

March 5th, 2023

Join us for our very first Hot Rods and Hardware Car Show! We’ve brought in some of the coolest cars from all over Colorado to celebrate speed and kick off Spring! 🔥This is a free event for the whole family. We’ll be grilling up free food, raffling off some AMAZING Milwaukee prizes, playing games, and hanging out with some cool cars! From classic cars to dirt-track racecars, we’ve got it all. In addition to all the fun, we will be collecting canned food donations for Pueblo County Blessing Boxes! For more information on their mission, visit pueblocountyblessingboxes.com🥫❤️ See all you there!!

March 1st. 2023

SNAP has been cut to pre pandemic numbers. With those cuts and the lack of donations to Food Banks and growing inflation the need for food will grow. Families will have to decide between paying the rent or feeding their children. Many will become homeless.

We see it at the Blessing Boxes. The hungry are waiting for us with plastic bags at Blessing Boxes filling them after those Blessing Boxes are filled. It’s frustrating to say the least. Yes, people are being helped. No, many are not aware of the help that exists out there.

Noticing this lack of information available to those in need I have added information here at this website. See above. Blessing Box locations and a interactive map to direct them. A list of Free Food Pantries in our area. I also added an interactive calendar with all the information they need to find the what, when and where of Free Food Pantries. There are several open every day except Sundays.

I also just recently added a Pueblo Resource Guide with even more help listed.

Information is power. Please share these links. Let’s make our world a little better.

January 31st, 2023

Happy New Year to all. As we move through 2023 life has become more of a struggle for many. Inflation is hitting everyone. From the Homeless to the Food Banks. The dollar doesn’t buy as much and more and more people who were living on the edge are now falling into Homelessness and hunger.

I do a weekly video on Facebook which I invite you all to view. Each week I beg, borrow and beg some more for donations of non perishable foods and hygienic items. And each week I see more and more visitors to my Blessing Box. I imagine it’s true of all our 28 Blessing Boxes, the need is more.

I am again reaching out to those who can and are able to support our cause. Feed those in need. Families. The Homeless. School Children. Teachers. Our friends. Our neighbors. So many are falling off that edge to Homelessness and Hunger.

I encourage you to visit our Wishlist at Amazon and view our immediate needs. You don’t necessarily need to order from Amazon but can use it as a reference of our needs if you choose. See the Wishlist at the top right of our page and we also have a PayPal donation button if you wish to choose that option. We prefer donations of non perishable foods and hygienic items but will not turn down monetary donations.

Here is a link to our Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2QNJ4OPV1PSO0?ref_=wl_share

All donations can be shipped to: 573 S Rogers Dr, Pueblo West, Colorado, 81007

Thank you to those who have given. Thank you to those who will give.

December 23rd, 2022

Our 2 year anniversary is tomorrow December 24th! We came from one Blessing Box to 28 covering the Pueblo County area. We have donated hundreds of Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners in the last two years. In a good month we share about 2 tons of your donated food with our Blessing Boxes which in turn serves the hungry. We have made wonderful relationships with other like minded groups/organizations. We have developed a network of cooperation that has benefitted not only Pueblo County Blessing Boxes but our community. We have been able to develop resources from outside our state to further benefit our community. Pueblo County Blessing Boxes has been recognized and acknowledged as a benefit to our community and has growing support to continue our idea to feed the hungry.

What’s next for Pueblo County Blessing Boxes? Soon we will decide to become 501c3. Once we do I have a dream I would like to see come to fruition. I wish to find a facility able to house donated food for the hungry. A facility able to double as a “free grocery store.” As a 501c3 we will be able to access more resources of food to share with our community. I dream of have a large moving truck in order to retrieve those donated foods from far away and store in our newly established facility in order to assist the hungry in our community..

Not only will we be able to resupply the 28 Blessing Boxes more often in our community but also able to share our donations with other like minded groups/organizations.

Oh yes! That is my dream.

November 29th, 2022

We at Pueblo County Blessing Boxes with the support of our most wonderful community was able to share your donations of hams, Thanksgiving ham dinners, pies, rolls and bread to the following groups, organizations and families.

VFW of Pueblo,

Ecumenical Church of Pueblo West,

LUV in Action,

Pueblo Rescue Mission,

Full Force Ministries,

Rocky Mountain SER Empowerment Center,

Pueblo United

Pueblo Firehouse

Families of Pueblo and Pueblo West

We are fortunate and Blessed to have such a loving and sharing Community that allowed us to distribute your kind donations. We asked for 50 pies and you delivered beyond expectations. As of this Thanksgiving morning we received 104 pies from our community.

This includes 30 pies our own Volunteer Diem and her friend Jessica made from donations. They were up until 4am in the morning making pumpkin pies. This also includes 4 pumpkin pies that three generations of the Barrett Family made together that teaches the next generation the act of kindness.

Together we were able to share your donations to the above that will feed approximately 140 families and then some. Add that to other great Organizations who also provide meals to those in need in our community so thousands will not go hungry this week. For that we thank our community and wonderful donors. On behalf of those who receive we thank you.

On that note we hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your family experience. Hug each other and think of all those families you helped support this Holiday.

A great big hug to you all. God Bless

November 16th, 2022

Your generous donations have kept us above water. As time goes by they have increased. Especially from our Amazon Angels. We so much appreciate the support and trust me when I say you all are making a difference. We see it everyday at our Blessing Boxes. Not only are the homeless struggling these days but the middleclass is also. We see more families visiting our Blessing Boxes and while it makes us proud to serve those in need it’s an everyday struggle to grow our resources of donations.

With the dried up fundings from the Pandemic days all organizations are struggling. Thanksgiving Turkeys are hard to come by or just plain unaffordable. This year we could not afford to purchase Thanksgiving Turkeys but were able to secure 140 hams to share with other organizations and families.

Saying all that, we need to grow our donor base to provide as much support as we can to those in need. Here is a link to our Amazon Wish list which will also be posted to the top right permanently.


Or you may ship or drop off at 573 S Rogers Dr, Pueblo West, Colorado, 81007.

It Takes A Village. Thank you

October 7th, 2022

Like all worthy non profit organizations we are always struggling for Volunteers. Lack of Volunteers means there are fewer hungry people being fed. The purpose of the Blessing Box is to encourage community involvement. To encourage neighborhoods who have a Blessing Box to come together for the common cause, to feed a hungry neighbor. Possibly feeding a family’s children. Sometimes the choice is pay the heating bill or feed the children.

Blessing Boxes are not meant to be full all the time and to continuously feed a family day in and day out. It’s to bring neighbors together. It’s to fill those small gaps. A school girl or boy who goes without breakfast can perhaps visit a Blessing Box and grab a granola bar or a single serve cereal box to at least get them to lunch.

An empty Blessing Box doesn’t mean it’s failing it’s purpose. It means people in need have used it for it’s purpose. It means someone for that moment will not go hungry.

So, those who live near a Blessing Box or have one in their neighborhood we ask you to perhaps create a group to sponsor that Blessing Box. To adopt it. When you can, donate to it. When you can perhaps clean that Blessing Box. Whether the inside needs to be cleaned or trash needs to be picked up around it. Lets do the right thing. Lets feed those in need. Whether it’s a neighbor or someone who walks a great distance to feed their children. Let us feed those in need…. No questions asked.

August 4th, 2022

It’s long over due and now it’s here! I have always asked in the world of non profits who serve the hungry if there was one place people could go to access information for all Free Food Pantries in the Pueblo/Pueblo West area. Sadly no one could answer that question.

So I took it upon myself to create one. I have researched and found 3 existing lists of very outdated lists of Free Food Pantries. Many no longer exist or some have moved to a new address or the details were not correct.

Today I have added a list of active Free Food Pantries in the Pueblo/Pueblo West area. I have confirmed all are active and the information I provided is also accurate. We have provided all the information needed to seek out the Free Food Pantry for you.

That information includes hours of operation, requirements, location, website if they have one and so much more.

Not only do we provide a list but an interactive calendar to help those in need to find their favorite Free Food Pantry.

I invite other organizations to share this information and spread the word. I also invite everyone to track down any Free Food Pantries not listed here. This is a Team effort to make our mission efficient and successful. God Bless. GT Davis

July 11, 2022

Below are texts I received today from a struggling family. She gave me permission to share her texts. These stories are heartbreaking and why we do what we do. Hopefully this story will inspire others to be part of our movement.

Hello and God bless you for all you do and have done for people in Pueblo communities!

I’m wondering if you have any boxes out on the county side close to the airport area?

My husband is a disabled combat veteran and he and I are both on fixed incomes. We usually are able to make things work but things happened last month that we’re clenching to pull ourselves out of. Where I have gone to a food bank before, the one closest to me was closed all last month and they’re still not answering their phones or returning messages. I’ve always tried to avoid going to a blessing box to try to leave those resources for the homeless and for children passing by them. Unfortunately now is much more of a desperate situation and I need food for my children. I even went dumpster diving last month when I knew my local Dollar General store had thrown out cereals and snacks.

I’m sure you hear things like this all the time from others here. I’ve heard it too in trying to help other veteran families when we had food and other things to give. We just never realized how much a slip up on the VA side could end up costing us even temporarily, but here we are.

I know there are maps somewhere on the various groups and pages I’m on but I have looked and looked and I can’t find them now. If you could please share a box location map with me, my family and I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much in advance.

Here I gave her a location of a Blessing Box near her. One I just filled today.

I got some food! Now my children can have some breakfast and I can make some dinner. Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly! You have no idea what that means to and for my family.

As soon as my husband is retro-payed from the VA, I will make sure to donate back to your box.

Again, thanks so much. 💖

The next day:

Yesterday I shared a text I received from a struggling family. I see many requests for help but this one was very touching, and I felt I needed to share it with our community. It was that little voice in me.

Well, soon after posting that text the texts started coming and still are. Offers of food donations of all kinds to outright grocery shopping for the family have poured in.

This family was already depressed, and their faith challenged but our community changed that to hope and appreciation. Their faith strengthened by the outpouring of love and kindness. Never did they expect such a response. Neither did I to be honest.

But again, our community has proven themselves here and I am so proud. I am in the best place in the world. In the middle of kindness and those who receive that kindness.

I was considering doing a video on this event, but I know I would break down in tears because of the overwhelming love you have shown to this family.

Thank you all for giving this family hope and demonstrating that the good is strong in our community. This is what defines our community. God Bless

June 30, 2022

Pueblo County Blessing Box on Rocky Mountain PBS


May 10, 2022

The heat has arrived meaning there is a big need for bottled water and similar beverages. You can donate at a Blessing Box near you or drop off at my place at 573 S Rogers Dr, Pueblo West, Co. 81007. Any and all donations are appreciated and a welcome site for those in need.

We are now at a point where we need more help in donations and Volunteers. Supplying Blessing Boxes requires a lot of donations and Volunteers to feed those in need. Our goal is to stock the Blessing Boxes twice a week and hopefully we can encourage or inspire our community to participate.

We deliver at least a ton of food each month and if we can get the donations and Volunteers we need we can double that. I guarantee you, you will find this experience rewarding and fulfilling. Every day I am inspired by our Volunteers and those who give and also those who receive. For some it’s therapeutic and others a joy to give back. I know many Volunteers bring their children and it’s a joy to see their smiling faces making a difference. Join our Team and be a super hero.

April 4th, 2022

We have come a long way in the last year. We are donating more food and hygienic items today than we ever have. Thank you who donate to the cause. Without you many would be going without. In fact we are finding it very difficult to keep the Blessing Boxes full. My hope when we started this movement was to inspire our community to be part of this idea. We have built and donated 19 Blessing Boxes to date and I believe there are now about 30 Blessing Boxes in Pueblo County serving those in need.

Now we ask our community to assist us in this movement. Adopt a Blessing Box in your area. Volunteer to help supply Blessing Boxes in our community. The number of people in need grow every day and with the current world events it’s only going to get worse. There are more people in need today than yesterday and there will be even more tomorrow, next week and probably next year. Remember, we are all one bad event from being homeless and/or going hungry. Let’s be part of the solution.

January 18th, 2022

We have added a wish list at Amazon to make it a little easier to donate to our cause. Click on the link below to get there and make your choices of donations. They will then be delivered to us to share with our community. Feel free to share with friends and families. Thanks to those who have given and to those who do give. Without our donors we would not be able to serve those in need. We are another cog in the machine to fight hunger. Our donors are the fuel. Thank you. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3I83L4WTTQ1PF?ref_=wl_share&fbclid=IwAR3LtDDHzj1F24imd7vnradaPW3ENqEXQ8xzeSQefm0LgJT-OxIUHLvRKq0

We are a grassroots effort for the people and by the people of the Pueblo Community. We have just turned one year old and have come oh so far. Pueblo County has the highest food insecurity in the State of Colorado.

Fortunately, we also have the most giving and passionate community to fight food insecurity and homelessness. With the help of our community and the other great organizations and groups we are able to assist those in need daily. It’s definitely an every day struggle to collect the donations and get it to where it’s needed.

No matter who you give to it’s making a difference. We want to continue that trend of making a difference by encouraging our community to be a volunteer and/or give to your favorite local organization or group. No one should go hungry and no one should be homeless. It’s a right… not a privilege.

We are a grassroots effort starting with one Blessing Box and today we now have 27 Blessing Boxes in Pueblo County. Thanks to our donors and the help of our volunteers we have grown to a point we have applied for nonprofit status and hope to receive in a few weeks.

With that, doors will open for us to provide more food for those in need and enable us to assist other worthy organizations and groups.

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